How to restrict Web Page Content Theft or Code theft?

1 JQuery File or CDN JQuery Link
2 Html

Listed Code help you to Secure Web Page or Client Code. There is number of technique to block source Code

  1. Block Right Click
  2. Restrict Copy Paste Cut Manipulation Operation on Web Page
  3. block ctrl + U shortcut key

JQuery Code in head section

Advantage of this Code

1) User has to enter Username etc instead of Copy Cut & Paste.
2) Others cannot directly copy web page Content.


Try Demo

This code allow you to get source code by pressing ctrl+U. I'll show you how to block keyboard keys or special keys using Jquery.

This blog written by Ms. Shabana Idrisi (IT Trainer at Vtech Academy of Computers)- Microsoft .NET PHP Web Technology Jquery AngularJS

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