Scope of AnuglarJs in IT Industry


Web is evolving. Single Page Applications are future. Everything is confined in Mobile & Tablet.

To recruit single specific technology expert, AngularJS & Responsive code developer play a role as feeler. We excessively access internet & data dealing, an expect fast responsive or less time for throughput.

AngularJS is much good for Create Read Update Delete (CRUD) Operation.

AngularJS Developer can adjust career with different kind of Company as .NET,JAVA,PHP etc.

AngularJS is moving on fast pace as Device & responsive development. It reduces complexity of code.

AngularJS is simply & easier for fast Web development. Microsoft Company introduced ASP.NET MVC with AngularJS.

It is easily integrated with other web technology. It is on fast peak & its graph of usage in IT industry curving on Top. Even google constantly releasing new API’s & Business Logic in AngularJS so that it could be proved quality integration. Google, Microsoft IBM etc. embracing this technology.

Highlightings of Blog

To reduce development time & fast throughput Application

High usage on Tablet Mobile Application.

A cross Platform technology which can be integrated with Web Development


Client Application can’t support easy way CRUD operation

Need to develop different code for different viewer.

This blog written by Ms. Shabana Idrisi (Dot NET Trainer at Vtech Academy of Computers)- .NET | Jquery | AngularJS | PHP | Database Career Courses